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How We Work


Before we start we need to understand if you are currently selling products from China already. If you dropship products from China or if you import products to your own country to fulfill from there.

We always try to understand your business first before we start, so we can set goals together. For the simple reason. If you grow we grow as well.

Many newcomers think by creating a simple general store, working with a low price and test products will create a sustainable business. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. In many cases we analyze your current store first for 1 week to see where we could be of help and give decent advice.

It takes much more understanding of the supply chain and how together with the correct partner you can create more value for your store and finally your customer. We as your partner supplier will advise and explain everything about what can happen in the backend and how you can gain more and prevent problems.


Understanding products

When you operate a store and test products you first need to understand the product you are selling. Yes this seems very hard as you don’t hold the product in your hand, but you can still do extensive research first and discuss this also with us.

There are so many products that you can buy in China. So a person might think he can just sell everything. Unfortunately many general type products are just low quality items. So it happens quite often we advise not to sell these products even though your data says you can sell large quantities. By narrowing down what can be sold you protect yourself, your business and finally your customer, who is the most important.

Packaging and shape

Besides the quality comes the packaging and shape of a product. This part is very important when you start selling products on your store and ship from China. Most carriers require parcels to be of a certain size. The shipping fee will be calculated based on the actual weight of the package that is displayed on a scale.

Other times the carriers use the volumetric weight of a package to calculate the fee ( l x h x w / 8000 )

Some products have irregular shapes, what causes the packages to be so large and use a lot of space in an airplane. So it makes them inefficient with the capacity available. In these cases a product which real weight is 1 kilogram will be now charged as 3 kilograms.

This means you need to understand and learn more about which products can be sold or not and we will advise you.


Final steps for completion


First Intake

Contact us and tell us your needs


Create your account

Create an account to use our free app.


Store authorization

Authorize your store to our app


Sourcing request

Request quotations for products.


Start selling

Now you can start selling and orders will be synced to our app.


Make a payment

Top up your balance with a bank transfer.


Order fulfilment

Orders will be automatically fulfilled regardless of balance.


Tracking status

All orders have a track number for your customers to follow.

Delivery services