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Here we answered the most frequently asked ones. Please contact us if you got a unique question, we're glad to help.


What’s the difference between Fillbox and other Chinese sourcing agents?

We are a fully owned foreign company in China ( WFOE ) with a large warehouse in the thriving city of Shenzhen, China. Our core team members come from Europe and the USA.

Tired of asking the same question over and over without getting a real answer? We know how you feel, we have been through all of this ourselves over the years, that’s why we started this company here in China so we can take care of all the hassle. Speaking English is not enough, we at Fillbox understand every aspect of marketing, sourcing and logistics. We have an eye for detail when it comes to product design, packaging, video and images. We know how to deliver.

We developed our own software and store all data outside of China. No need for Chinese sourcing agents who use Chinese 3th party Apps

If you want a reliable and trustworthy partner then don’t look any further.

How long does it take to source a product?

This highly depends on the product itself. Usually we can find a factory who produces your product really fast, but not all factories give the right information. Therefore we need to make sure no mistakes are made. This process alone can take time. Usually we can give you a quote within 1 business day, but sometimes it takes longer than that.

Are you cheaper than Aliexpress?

Probably not. This has to do that we ship most of the products in custom made export boxes, so the weight will always be a little higher compared to a Aliexpress seller. On Aliexpress it is all based on price and competition between the Chinese sellers. So if they can cut the weight anywhere when packing a product they will do this. We don’t care so much about the weight, we care more about how the package looks like and what the final customer thinks about it.

We also use only 3 to 5 premium shipping lines out of 80 available. The reason why we narrowed this down over the years, is because those 3 to 5 have better tracking and user experience compared to the cheaper lines or postal lines. This saves a lot of trouble and headache for all of us. They are, in our opinion the best on the market, based on price and service.

So if you are looking to save pennies we are not the right fit for you. If you are looking for a fulfillment centre who operates as your personal sourcing agent who cares about details and who wants to build a long relationship , then you have come to the right address.

What is the processing time to fulfill orders?

Once your product is in our warehouse and we have stock we will process and fulfill all orders within 24 to 48 hours.

Usually when we buy a product for the first time, it can arrive in our warehouse within 1 to 4 days. This all depends on the product itself and if there is stock to purchase. If a certain product is very popular it can sometimes take longer. We will always give you a heads-up so we can discuss if these situations occur. This we also expect from your side in case your data doesn’t give you the best results to scale further. So we don’t buy too much stock.

Do I have to pay upfront?

We will always ask you to pay for at least 1 week worth of orders. In our App you can upload a screenshot of the payment and once the payment arrives in our bank ( usually 1 working day ) we will start buying your products.

Once we start fulfilling your orders your balance will draw down. If your pending balance is too low, which is also shared in the App, we will notify you to make a payment again, so we can keep ordering.

How about the quality of the sourced products?

We are really honest about products when it comes to quality. We serve different type of customers with different needs.

Some customers own multiple general stores and sell and test different products per day. Which is ok for us and we can fulfill those orders.

But always be aware, when testing a product you most of the time sell a photo, without knowing how the product is really packed and what the risks are and if the price/quality ratio is good enough to accept. Especially on the end-customer’s side.

Most dropshippers use Aliexpress as a reference for their cost price and set their sell price based on that. For example if someone sees a product for 4 to 5 usd including shipping and then re-sells it for 35 or 40 usd, the final customer expects it to be of a certain quality.

So when we order your product and finally see the quality and you expect it to be a 40 usd quality product. Then this will not always be the case. Most of the time it is the same type of quality as of Aliexpress. So always be aware of the risks you take whenever it comes to testing. Some products do have a good quality/price ratio, but some just don’t.

Then we also have customers who own branded stores and don’t sell a high range of products, but just a few. For them we buy more samples and give more options on how to pack or what to do. The build up can take some time, but the rewards are very good.

What are the costs when working with Fillbox?

We only quote a product price and shipping price. There are no other additional costs. Our App is free of use as well.

Do you accept all customers their inquiries?

Due high demand at this moment, we are highly selective who we work with. Mostly because we rather keep good control over the whole process; from buying, stocking and shipping.

This way we are sure to build a better and longer personal relationship with our customers instead of just serving the mass.

As said before we don’t care so much about the MOQ of orders per day, it is more a stable amount of orders of certain products, which enable us to deal better with the factories here. If you are not sure, you are always free to fill in our online form and we get back to you as soon as possible.

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